Sbunker is a blog

It was launched by a group of enthusiasts of the written word, critical thinking, and debate, in order to directly influence the reconstruction of the public sphere in Kosovo, among Albanians.

Our Vision

Turning Kosovo into a thriving liberal democratic society in which the public sphere is a pillar of accountability, inclusiveness and a guarantor of human rights.

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Our Mission

The mission of Sbunker is to strengthen and promote liberal democratic values in Kosovo, by influencing and shaping the public sphere through new media products.

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Meet the Team

Bardhi Bakija Executive Director and Chief Editor
Blerina Avdullahi Finance and administration manager
Visar Xhambazi Project Manager and Editor
Fitim Gashi Project Manager of WB Anti-Disinformation Hub
Hana Deva Project Coordinator
Ridona Berisha Media Monitoring Specialist
Latif Mustafa Author and moderator of Çelnaja

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