Government data contradictory with that of the World Bank

24 maj 2023 12:00

*Prepared by: Ridona Berisha

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti made an erroneous declaration on Twitter about the data presented by the World Bank regarding Kosovo's economic advancement.

Kurti stated that the World Bank has given high praises to Kosovo during his tenure as the government leader. ”According to the institution, compared to 10 years ago Kosova has increased per capita income by 50% & lowered the poverty rate by 35%, "outperforming peer countries of similar per-capita income." - wrote Kurti.


However, World Bank has declared that “Kosovo has experienced steady economic progress over the past decade, with a nearly 50 percent increase in per-capita income and a 35 percent reduction in the poverty rate.” The World Bank's statement implies that sustainable economic progress came during the last decade and not "compared to the last decade," as claimed by the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister's statement is contradictory to the press release sent to the media from his office after the publication of the World Bank's report. The same thing confirmed by the World Bank is reiterated there.

The World Bank's Director for the Western Balkans, Xiaoqing Yu, has stated that Kosovo can benefit from the economic reorientation towards production and exports, while increasing quality employment for all and ensuring sustainable development that protects the environment for future generations.



The opposition responded to this statement by the Prime Minister. According to them, Kurti aims to deceive the citizens by distorting the data.

"You cannot attribute the decade-long sustainable economic growth of our country to your current leadership!" wrote Jehona Lushaku - Sadriu (LDK). Avdullah Hoti has also reacted to this, labeling it as deceptive propaganda.

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24 maj 2023