The fact-free claim of "Alo" that Albin Kurti is financing the film “I and Milosevic”

05 shtator 2022 11:20

“I and Milosevic” is the newest Kosovar cinematographic project, directed and written by Arben Kastrati, which has gathered well-known Hollywood, European and Kosovar actors. Serbian media claim that the purpose of this film is to incite hatred towards Serbs.

They received millions from Kurti to present us as criminals, Hollywood actors close to retirement take part in the propaganda film ‘I and Milosevic’ that is being shot in Kosovo,” it is claimed in the title of this article.


In the content of this article it is stated that the information was obtained from an interlocutor in Pristina, who said that the real budget of the film is much higher than the official one, but without supporting it with any facts, based only on a source which is not even mentioned who he/she is or what they represent.

According to the Serbian media “Alo!”, this interlocutor said: “Now, whether it is a classic avoidance of tax obligations or an aim to hide the real source of funding, which is a more realistic option for me, no one can say exactly. It's just that here in Kosovo there is a lot of money from the criminal dark zone and it is not impossible that this film is, in fact, financed by drug lords, arms sellers and the like.”

Moreover, based on the interlocutor/source of this article, the prime minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, who is alleged to have given millions to finance this cinematographic project, is not mentioned.

Meanwhile, in an interview for the media, the director of the film Arben Kastrati says that the cost to realize this project is very high. Kastrati emphasizes “that it was not at all easy to gather these names, the cost of this cinematographic project amounts to 3.8 million euros, but that the institutional support for it is missing.” He also said that the promises were not missing, but their fulfillment is.

05 shtator 2022